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Law(yer) Strong offers several support programs: Peer support, Therapeutic Counselling, and Community Programs.

We provide support in a confidential and non-judgmental way.

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Matched Peer Support

We are building our volunteer base of trained Peer Support volunteers. A Peer Support Volunteer will received a full day of training, and become part of our volunteer base for our Match program. When a person requests Support, we will look to our volunteer base to match with a volunteer with a similar background,  stage of life, experience, as many traits as possible.  Someone who has ‘been there’ can be an important source of compassion and support, and offer hope that there is a light on the other side of the struggle. 

Group Peer Support

In addition to the Matched Peer Support, we are also offering drop in sessions virtually on zoom. Each session will cover a different topic, such as tips for starting up practice as a sole practitioner; managing work-life balance; articling interview tips;  managing and adjusting to the work of lawyers; healthy life; wellness and wellbeing.  We welcome input from our community always. Have an idea? Contact us. 

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Therapeutic Counselling Services

Law(yer) Strong Inc. works with the Blue Cross professional counselling program. All Lawyers, Articling Students, and Law Students, are eligible for up to 12 hours of counselling per family per year through their membership with the Law Society of Manitoba as part of the Employee Assistance Program.  

Counselling is confidential and available to address all manner of mental health challenges, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, burnout, alcohol or other substance dependency, addictions, relationship issues, work related issues, life transition issues. [insert link to Blue Cross site]. 

Professional Therapists at Blue Cross have on average 15 years of professional counselling experience and at minimum a Masters degree in post secondary education.  

To review the resources available on many subjects of mental health, including addictions, burnouts, depression and anxiety, see; 

Crisis Counselling is available 24/7 CALL:  204-786-8880; or 1-800-590-5553, (TTY for hearing impaired 204-775-0586).

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run club


Law(yer) Strong offers Healthy Lawyers’ Community Activities to get lawyers away from their desks at lunch hour to participate in a 30 minute walk or run, or other activity such as yoga.  

Monday Run/Walk Club

Currently from May 16 to June 29, we will be running or walking from Portage and Main, in front of the 201 Portage Avenue (RBC) Building on the Main Street side, every Monday at noon, for 30 minutes. Come join us! What a great way to start the week.  

Law Students

Beginning in the first Wednesday of October, Lawyer Strong will have volunteer lawyers at the law school at Robson Hall every Wednesday at noon, over the lunch hour. We will be hanging out with our mugs of coffee or tea, and getting to know the students. We will be there to listen and connect with our future lawyers to support them in becoming resilient and thriving members of our community.  

Fundraising Committee

Interested in joining our Fundraising Committee? We need the generous financial support of our community to grow and develop this program.

Become a Volunteer

There are a variety of ways to participate in our volunteer community.

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